Our Story

Who is Lou 

Lou Ferrari, son of Anna & Luciano Ferrari. The older brother to Lisa Ferrari Benedict and younger brother to Gloria Downing.  Lou was a devoted husband to Margarita and he was an amazing father to Seena, Alyssa and Stephen.  Lou had a strong work ethic and was always on the move.  He played tennis several days a week.  Lou would cycle around the Clayton trails to stay in shape.  Most of all he loved family, friends and strangers alike and would be there for anyone in need.  

The Diagnosis

Lou Ferrari was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in May 2014. ALS is a horrific disease for which there are no effective treatments and tragically there is no cure. We lost Lou on December 8, 2014 just 7 short months after he was diagnosed. We promised Lou that we will never give up the fight to find a cure and we would do everything in our power to help others affected by this terrible disease.

Establishing the Foundation

While Lou was progressing with his illness he was concerned about others that were on the same journey.  Lou recognized how blessed he was to have so many people in his family and dear friends that supported him and our family.  

Lou wondered how others could make ends meet and have enough funds to purchase much needed supplies and equipment.  Lou made us promise that when he was gone that we continued to support those that were living with this disease.  

Our Mission

Education - ALS patients have needs that are different from other diseases.  Educating caregivers, family member and patients, is critical to quality of life.

Advocate - Working closely with ALS Association Golden West Chapter to lobby our lawmakers for research funding and to get better healthcare options for ALS patients.  

CaringWe Care !  Providing supplies and comfort items to patients living with ALS that they might not get through insurance.  e.g. Bed Tents, cup holders, blankets and as we grow Respite services and caregiver support.  

October 6-7, 2017